Filtration membrane RIFTELEN N15 in distribution!

New wine filtration membrane RIFTELEN N15 is in distribution!

Czech Visionaries award holder – nanofiber-based filtration membrane “RIFTELEN N15” from PARDAM and Filtrex is going to hit the World!

We are proud to introduce the start of distribution after successful tests of RIFTELEN N15 for wine, oil, ethanol and pharmaceutical products filtration.

The last piece in the form of the FOOD CONTACT CERTIFICATE was collected!

The first territory is Spain! We are going to filter the wine with local producers in collaboration with our distributor LEVENGER.

One of the first customers in the Czech Republic is


          RIFTELEN-WINE-N15-65_A3_GB    RIFTELEN-WINE-N15-45_A3_GB2