Future Port Prague 2017

Invitation to Future Port Prague 2017

Future Port Prague is a brand new visionary and futuristic festival whose premiere will take place on the 7th September 2017 in Holesovice market, Prague. The festival will show the largest display of exponential technologies and disruptive trends in the middle Europe so far. The event will include a conference and panel discussion with leading experts from around the world. The primary subject of the discussion will be the way nanotechnologies of the future will influence economics and people’s lives. In the exhibition sector Czech nanotechnology companies will present their products and inventions including technologies for production of nanofibers.

We will present our pool filtration membranes as well as membranes for filtration of food products or cartridges for air filtration filters.



More info in Czech at http://www.nanoasociace.cz/pozvanka-future-port-prague/