New nanofibrous SiO2 based sorbent developed !!


The PARDAM, s.r.o. company and the Center of Materials and Nanotechnologies (CEMNAT) of the Faculty of Chemical technology of the University of Pardubice have developed unique sorption material based on silicon oxide fibers.

The SiO2 fibers have a great chemical and thermal resistance, tremendous surface to volume ratio (800m2/1 gram) and show mesoporous characteristics. All these parameters make the fibers excellent sorbents e.g. for absorbing undesired air moisture which is an important process in many industries (electrical engineering, food processing, chemistry). At the same time, it is possible to easily and effectively desorb them and use them repeatedly. This material has found its use in catalytic applications, as a highly resistant battery separator or as a special chemically and thermally resistant filtration material.

SiO2 fibers (incl. the production procedure) were developed as a result of almost three-year mutual collaboration between both subjects, which was supported by Alfa project of the Technology Agency of the Czech republic (no.TA04011557)

This material is produced on an industrial scale in a modern production facility of the PARDAM s.r.o. company in Roudnice nad Labem by the centrifugal spinning technology, where the production procedure is the subject of the granted patent.

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