PARDAM develops nanofibrous materials for MATFLEXEND PROJECT

In November 2013 the project MATFLEXEND within FP7 coordinated by Fraunhofer Berlin was officially started. Pardam is proud to be apart of this unique consortium. More info at

Within MATFLEXEND project PARDAM s.r.o. develops and optimizes Li4Ti5O12 nanofibrous materials for Li-ion batteries. Develops BTO nano-fibers (different aspect ratios) for capacitor dielectric layer. Develops Ag nanofibers and H-TiO2 nanofibers for piezoelectric harvester. Supply nanofibers to Imperial to prepare high k dielectric composites. Production technologies used in the project are Electrospinning and Forcespinning. Eventually thin polymer nanofibrous layers (~ 5 microns) meshes doped with BTO nanofibers will be developed.