Inorganic nanofibrous powders


Product description

Cerium/Zirconium bi-oxide composite nanofibrous powder is a very interesting kind of ceramic material produced by industrial production technology operated by Pardam, s. r. o. in the Czech Republic. This material is fully comprised of ceramic basis of cerium/zirconium bi-oxide composite nanofibers with minor amount of porous particles of the same material. Cerium/zirconium bi-oxide have attracted great deal of attention because it combines the highly refractive properties of zirconia with the oxygen-storage properties of cerium. The mixed oxides have also better thermal resistance, chemical stability and ionic conductivity and posses a strong resistance to sintering. This material has great potential in catalytic application due to combining catalytic properties with very high specific surface area, but may be used in whole the range of application of simple ceria and zirconia oxide.


SEM image, magnification: 17000x
SEM image, magnification: 4500x

Physical properties

Crystal phase


Physical form and structure

Material characteristics

fiber structure polycrystalline nanofiber
typical fiber diameter 200-400 nm
fiber length* 2 to hundreds of μm
specific surface area 30-90 m2/g
crystal phase tetragonal
typical size of crystallites 8 nm
physical form yellow powder
  Excellent catalytic material | High oxygen storage/release capability | Fuell cell electrolyte enhancement | High ionic conductivity | Catalyst support | UV absorbent |
Reduction of NOX | Sensors

* Producer can modify the fiber length to different values in accordance to customers requests and application. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Automotive combustion sensor and controller for catalytic convertors | Advanced catalyst support for hot gas desulfurization | Fuel cell | Catalyst | Catalyst support | Thermochemical water splitting | Infrared filters | Solid oxide fuel cell | Inorganic separator.