Inorganic nanofibrous powders


Product description

Indium tin oxide nanofibrous powder is a novel kind of ceramic material produced by industrial production technology operated by Pardam, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. This product comprises fully of ceramic basis indium/tin bi-oxide nanofibers with minor amount of particles of these oxides. Indium tin oxide (ITO) is a bi-oxide composite of indium (III) oxide (90% In2O3) and tin (IV) oxide (10% SnO2). ITO has a high electrical conductivity while simultaneously exhibiting unique optical properties: transparent to most visible light waves and opaque to infrared and UV light. ITO is most commonly used as a transparent, conductive coating for a variety of electronic devices. It can be used in electroluminescent devices, and incorporated into infrared and UV light reflecting coatings.


SEM image, magnification: 16500x
SEM image, magnification: 7000x

Physical properties

Crystal phase


Physical form and structure

Material characteristics

fiber structure polycrystalline nanofiber
typical fiber diameter 300-500 nm ±100
fiber length* 2 to hundreds of μm
specific surface area N/A
crystal phase cubic
typical size of crystallites N/A
physical form yellowish grey fluffy powder
  High electrical conductivity | Low reflectivity of light | Transparent conducting oxide | High transmittance | Semiconductor

* Producer can modify the fiber length to different values in accordance to customers requests and application. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Liquid crystal displays | Flat panel displays | Touch panels | Organic light-emitting diodes OLEDs | Solar cells | Transparent electrode | Gas sensors.