Inorganic nanofibrous powders


Product description

Amorphous silicon dioxide nanofibrous material is a special funcional material with unique properties represented by fine fibrous structure and high specific surface area. This material is produced using Electrospinning technology which enables to produce very thin fibers 100 – 300 nm in diameter with narrow distribution of fiber diameters. Physical structure of the fibers can be either FLAKES or POWDER (after milling which brings also fiber shortenning). High specific surface area and very high aspect ratio can bring several advantages to new or existing products. This type of material can be produced in lower quantities.


SEM image, magnification: 8000x SEM image, magnification: 5000x

Physical properties

Crystal phase

Physical form and structure

Material characteristics

fiber structure random fiber mesh
typical fiber diameter 100-300 nm
fiber length * 2 to hundreds of μm
specific surface area ** 50-500 m2/g
crystal phase amorphous SiO2
physical form white flakes or powder
Stable nanoporous material | Excellent electrical insulator - electrical conductivity < 10-18 Sm-1 | High thermal shock resistance | Refractive index 1.45 | Melting point 1665 °C | Thermal conductivity 1.3 Wm-1K-1

* Producer can modify the fiber length to different values in accordance to customers requests and application. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

** Can be modified by calcination temperature. If you need material modification, please feel free to contact us.


Composite reinforcement | Filtration | Separation | Battery electrodes | Sensors | Humidity sorbents