Polymer nanofibrous membranes


Product description

NnF MBRANE® – PVDF is a novel kind of nanofibrous membrane produced by industrial production technology operated by Pardam, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. Nanofibrous layer is deposited on the top of a supporting substrate with air permeating structure made of virtually any material on customers’ request – woven/nonwoven textiles, filtration paper... or without support. Combination of the grammage of nanofibrous layer and the type of supporting substrate enable manufacturing of filtration membranes with different permeability and filtration efficiency, in accordance to customers demand! Excellent chemical resistance of PVDF enables the use of these nanofibers in chemical industry and the combination with high permeability, small pore size and high specific surface makes them suitable for high tech applications like chemically resistant filters, carriers and separators.


SEM image, magnification: 510x SEM image, magnification: 2100x

Physical properties

Physical form and structure


Material characteristics

fiber structure randomly oriented
typical fiber diameter 200-500 nm
fiber length continuous
physical form thin layer
grammage 0,5-15 g/m²
air permeability 40-500 l/min/dm²
width of the roll 0,3-0,6 m
maximum length of the roll 2000 m
melt point 130 °C
vicat softening point N/A
High permeability | Excellent chemical resistance | Flexibility Peel-ability – it is possible to use nanofibrous layer without support material.

Type of supporting substrate and grammage of nanofibrous layer determine the membrane permeability and filtration efficiency. Those parametres can be modified in accordance to customers demand.

Additional post treatment available:

Lamination of nanofibrous membranes (double / triple sandwich material) | Doping with functionalized particles (Ag, ZnO, TiO2... antibacterial function).

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Air/gas filtration | Liquid/water filtration | Smart textiles/clothing | Separation processes | Battery separator


Important notice:

Production of two layer polymer nanofiber membrane (combination of polymers from our portfolio) in one production step is also possible (mechanical and functional properties improvement).